Adoption d’un NAC

We invite you to think carefully about your motivations and the potential consequences of a choice that is not trivial.
Indeed,  adopting of a foreign animal is not a reasonable choice because it is potentially dangerous for your environment.

  •     The Burmese python, imported by thousands as approved specie, is decimating the native fauna of the Everglades : 98 % decrease in population of possums , 87 % pure bobcat, etc. .
  •     The Boiga irregularis imported on the island of Guam caused the extinction of many native species.
  •     Florida’s Turtle , released in European wetlands ..
  •     The American squirrel is reducing the red squirrel population in our forests
  •     Buffalo toad has already invaded some habitats of southern France
  •     etc.

All this once again raises the issue of who is being responsible for the damage generated by these species on their new environment. Before a reckless enthusiasm triggered by these attractive animals , the veterinarian has an educational role, and needs to warn the constraints of maintenance, health hazards and harmful impact on the environment.
Moreover, the trade itself is generating poaching, mortality, trafficking or armed conflicts that are very expensive.
Because of this irresponsible behavior, too many amateurs have introduced and continue to introduce predators responsible for the decline of many species. Is it worth it to get excited about an idea and play with animals lives for recreational reasons, risking the killing many more ?

Our simple advice is to avoid introducing alien species.  Are there not enough foreign species/new pets adapted to our latitudes to avoid aggravating an already critical environmental situation?

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