Innately, the rabbit adopts good eating habits. He is attracted by the hay and eat a lot of it. However, many owners introduce their rabbits foods to too rich  : granules or worse: all you cab eat of seeds. Rabbits are therefore developing a taste for sugar and fat they do not naturally have.

It then becomes difficult to correct these diet thereafter.
Granules should not exceed of 10% of their diet.
Unsuitable diets causes digestive disorders and poor growth of teeth. Again it becomes virtually impossible to recover normal teeth when abnormal dental growth  appears.

Base :
Good quality hay, although green, loosely packed and dusted
+ Various Plants, greens, at least 3 different kinds, and in appropriates quantities to not cause waste
+ Extruded should contain 18-20 % fiber and 12-14 % protein.

Rabbits as all animals are subject to internal and external parasites. They should be regularly preventively treated.

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