Food and behaviour

Can certain types of behavior be influenced by diet and to what extent?

Levels of influence: By the nutritional components that act on neurotransmitters, either as a lever in a social focus on access to food.

Ethology and power modes: Eat or be eaten is a universal law that we tend to forget in house conditions “modern”.

Into the wild, access to food requires great vigilance and is an important position in energy expenditure. We can compare it to the kitchen, you need a long preparation for a very short time of consumption.

But the current household conditions are leading to a under-occupation mental and physical, harming to the mental balance as much as nutritional status. The pet reverse the space-time dedicated to food: he spends more time eating than hunting, and boredom helping, he only thinks about eating. In common words, he’s fucking bored, and to make matters worse, he’s getting fatter much faster thanks to industrial food that offers an energy density four times greater than fresh food. In short, for the same volume ingested it swallows four times more calories to feed ten times less effort.

It is possible to improve this situation by increasing the time and energy burning required for food intake. We can use the smell of the animal, invent games and toys delivering food in small quantities. It is also good to increase chewing activity using alternatives that satisfy the need to chew.

Moreover, food can be a valuable tool for behavior change: You have to play on hunger that increases the motivation to eat. However, hunger is a concept not well accepted by our consumer society that does not allow to miss, and who invented the rights to … This strategy can still be used provided that the full ration is offered as a reward in an education strategy or to recenter ethological behavior. The owner should always have kibble on him to reward a dog obedient and sociable.

The amount ingested can have an influence on behavior. Overweight animals become inactive and soft. A miss can make him become vicious and irritable or frustrated. Hungry cats Especially express a hunting behavior redirected to the legs of their owners or other cats. The hungry animals defend their food with a much stronger possessive aggression. Dogs can be aggressive for specific products coveted by others (pig ears, etc.). This type of food needs to be given with special care.

Quality :
The idea of ​​acting on the mental balance through nutritional components is natural. Everyone knows the soothing effect of chocolate or stimulation of tea, the protective role of foods rich in essential fatty acids, polyphenols and vitamins. Current research in micro-nutrition is targeting properties of food regarding medical or behavioral actions. Green tea has relaxing effects and antioxidants, casein of a mother’s milk has soothing properties for infants …

Some prefer the simplicity of food including additives, others prefer to “get involved” emotionally and technically self-mixing the ingredients in the meal, with the risk of unwise arbitrary dosage.

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