Food and behaviour

Food and behaviour

Can certain types of behavior be influenced by diet and to what extent? Levels of influence: By the nutritional components that act on neurotransmitters, either as a lever in a social focus on access to food. Ethology and power modes: Eat or be eaten is a universal law that we tend to forget in house […]

Old animals: behavioral problems

Old animals: behavioral problems

Organic changes observed with age In the brain, there is a dilation of the ventricles, a thinning of the cortex: The neurons stock declines. A diffuse deposition of amyloid plaques causes neuronal death and the release of free radicals (toxic). Blood perfusion decreases, predisposing the brain to anoxia. The fluidity and membranal cell transport decrease, […]

Coexistence between cats

Key points: The popularity of the cat increases in homes with no living space, so cohabitation is not always easy for a territorial animal. The social behavior of the cat differs a lot from that of the dog and man. Yet the man would it to behave like them./li> In households where multiple cats live […]

Your cat is getting filthy? What to do..

Change in living conditions, pheromones, food supplements or psychotropic are the main means of action against this behavioral disorder that remains a major cause of abandonment or euthanasia. Although renal failure are the main factors responsible for organic dirt in cats, the behavioral approach is fundamental to remove the annoying symptoms. The environment where lives […]

How do cats experience pain?

Cat are very discreet in the expression of pain. Silent victim, it is still able to scream in three situations: the removal of hairballs, the thromboembolism and epilepsy. Many pain reasons are hidden and they are very difficult to identify. for example, Nausea results in discrete tong movements on the corner of the mouth. An […]

Behavioral problems of the old cat

In order of frequency are identified various problems in older cats: Uncleanliness, aggression towards congeners or human vocalisations, hyperactivity, excessive grooming, disorientation, fears, hyperattachement … 30% of cats between 8 and 11 years and 50% of cats over 15 years have behavioral problems. Table lesion of cognitive dysfunction may be closer to that of senile […]

Turtles hibernation

Hibernation of turtles is caused by a decrease in temperature and photoperiod, and by an internal clock. Turtles hibernate in temperate and subtropical regions. It is a good idea to have the turtle checked by your vet from mid September to mid-October, to verify the absence of disease or treat any existing condition, check that […]

The old rabbit

The average life expectation for rabbits is 7 to 10 years, but it is not unusual for them to get older. We can talk about geriatry from 4 years old. Old rabbits frequently suffer from spondylosis. Pain and reluctance to move are the dominant signs that may accompany perineal stains and laminitis. The treatment is […]