Your pets are exposed to numerous internal and external parasites.
Among these external parasites, fleas are the most frequently encountered.


Fleas in dogs and cats are bloodsucking parasites biting to drink the blood of your pet. During the blood meal, the flea injects a small amount of saliva that can trigger important allergies on sensitive animals.

In case of itching, fleas may not be visible but their droppings can often be found: they are identifiable as small black clusters at the base of hair, usually on the lower back.
The life cycle of fleas includes the adult stage. After a blood meal, fleas can lay hundreds of eggs over a period of several days. The eggs, present your environment (floors, carpets, rugs ,…) give birth to larvae that turn into adults. The cycle is then completed and the infestation may continue this way for a long time.

The fight against fleas is twofold:

    • The fight against pests on your pet:
      • Using sprays or aerosols: the amount to spray the animal with, depends on its weight.
      • Using pipettes: the content is deposited directly on the skin. The insecticide will then disseminate throughout the body of the animal. The protection is effective for a month.
      • Using collars: efficacity is more limited for the fight against fleas.
      • With the help of tablets: the tablets allow sterilization of fleas and prevent further infestations.
    • The fight against pests in your environment:
      • By using aerosol spray on all of your interior
      • With the help of broadcasters (or foggers) are used to eliminate parasites all within a gas spreading insecticide in your absence.

Be aware that the effectiveness of all these products depends on how they are used.

      We recommend that you ask us for each treatment to its particularities. we will advise you on the right products depending on the lifestyle of your pet and the degree of infestation.

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