At the disposal of your pet: 200 m² of modern premises, all on one level, in a historic building from the Iceland’s time. This building belonged to a famous shipowner. The sculpted entrance restores the spirit of its granit walls and the history of our city. It express our commitment to fundamental values. It reflects the maturity and strength of our structure, permanence and quality of service, loyalty to our values, integrity and passion for our trade.

Reception and pharmacy

The reception area offers a wide range of medicines, accessories and selected physiological and prescription food.

General Medecine rooms
During consultation hours, or with an appointment, we welcome you in one of our two consultation rooms equipped with digital devices which allow you to instantaneously watch microscopic analysis, ultrasounds or X-rays.

Analysis equipment
We make haematological and biochemical analysis in house, thanks to advanced material which helps us find the best treatment for your pet.

Surgical area
The surgical area is located at the back of the clinic, where the evolution of surgeons and assistants is made easy thanks to a large dedicated space (100m²). A comprehensive and rational fitting makes everything reachable and allows heavy surgery.
Our clinic is amongst those having the best equipement, for its class.

Kennel and outside area
A dozen of cages, small, medium and large, are adapted to the size of our patients and allow a watched recovery. When monitoring is not necessary, dogs have acces to an outside area where they can walk around.

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