Dogs overweights problems

From a physiological point of view: The easiest way is to compare with a boiler. If you are charging with too much fuel, it overheats, it’s obvious. The pressure increases, the machine can get excited, the gaskets and hoses get dirty, wear out faster and eventually leak out or blow up sometimes brutally.

In mechanical terms: Let’s compare it with a vehicle. If you load the vehicle beyond its capabilities, it will consume more energy per kilometer. It will be harder to accelerate and brake. The dampers will get tired faster and will eventually let go before their term.

Ultimately, the machine wears out faster, its performance is worse.

On average the dog loses 2 to 3 years of life, and quality of life. Health Problems start appearing around 7 instead of 12 years-old on average.

Ultimately, it is a waste of energy, and on a collective level, it does not respect the planet much, and there are “collateral damage”. Imagine which ones…

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