General Medicine

Doctor Jestin welcomes you during consultation hours Monday to Friday: from 9:00…

Diet advising

Le surpoids et l’obésité sont parfois négligés mais sont pourtant l’origine de nombreuses maladie. Nous pouvons vous conseiller et vous aider a mettre votre animale au régime!

Dental Health

Unlike their masters, pets can unfortunately not brush their teeth! It is…


Our Surgery facilities are equipped with the latest technology that completes the high quality of our care and insure a quick recovery for your pet.

Lab Tests

Blood, urine, tissus analysis… Our equipment allows us to do any necessary analysis on the spot.


Our facility included a complete X-ray and Ultrasound equipment for a thorough examination of your pet.


Spraying is a surgical procedure performed by laser, under general anesthesia. It…


Your pet’s identification can be very useful in case of runaway or…


Rehabilitation, evaluation of dangerous dogs…

Our rates

They take into account both the economic interests and expectations of our…