Patient safety is ensured by a complete equipment : Sevorane gaseous Anaesthesia (Human standard) coupled to a barometric respirator and an oxygen generator. Monitoring Intraoperative with blood gas monitoring, ECG, control of anesthetic gas …

Equipement amongst others:

  • Electrocautery
  • Laser scalpel
  • Operating microscope
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Fiberoptic

In a comparative approach to the cost of a benefit, we must take into account the quality of the equipment and efforts around patient safety, in addition to the skill of the surgeon and his team.


It is necessary to hospitalise your pet after any surgery, for at least a day.
Patients are monitored thanks to electronic perfusions and camera. In this follow-up, the permanent presence of skilled nurses and dedicated care is a major asset.

Castration et Ovariovariectomies (spayed)

Sterilization and castration procedures are performed by laser.The gas anesthesia (human norm) is secured by a full cardiopulmonary monitoring. A review procedure is issued. A control after 8 days concludes the procedure.

In most cases, sterilisation is followed by weight gain and it is necessary to adapt the diet of your pet.

Les opérations de stérilisation et de castration sont réalisées au LASER.


Histological analysis is offered to complete the staging of the tumour and operate a long term monitoring.

Bone and joint surgery

Our equipment allows to operate from the cruciate ligament to the triple pelvic osteotomy trial, going through appendages fractures and spinal surgery.

Oral Surgery

Fractures and jaws tumours, oral-nasal fistula, etc.. are LASER operated, providing, again, no postoperative pain, with far fewer complications and improved healing.