Spraying of cats

… has many advantages

  • Avoid females’ heats and unwanted pregnancies
  • Avoid males’ urine marking
  • Limit the fighting and running away
  • Prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (FIV)

For Males: spaying means a surgical removal of the testicles. This procedure is usually performed from the age of 6 months old. The more we wait to sterilize a cat, the more likely will urine marking (often present in adult male cats) persist after sterilisation.

For Females spraying or oophorectomy means a surgical removal of the ovaries. It is possible to perform the procedure from 6 months, before puberty. This early neutering has the advantage of reducing the risk of developing mammary tumours when your cat gets older. After this period, it is best to neuter your cat when not in heat.

In any case, sterilization may alter the nutritional needs of your pet. It may be necessary to change his diet to avoid weight gain or urinary problems.

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