Adoption d’un NAC

Adoption d’un NAC

We invite you to think carefully about your motivations and the potential consequences of a choice that is not trivial. Indeed,  adopting of a foreign animal is not a reasonable choice because it is potentially dangerous for your environment.     The Burmese python, imported by thousands as approved specie, is decimating the native fauna of the […]

The red squirrel

Sciurus vulgaris is a diurnal arboreal rodent that lives in forests, parks and gardens, making it vulnerable to rapid urbanization encroaching on its habitat. Its population is declining and therefore it is regularly presented to vets because of trauma, disease or isolated youngs. The following are some tips to help bring them to your local […]

Turtles hibernation

Hibernation of turtles is caused by a decrease in temperature and photoperiod, and by an internal clock. Turtles hibernate in temperate and subtropical regions. It is a good idea to have the turtle checked by your vet from mid September to mid-October, to verify the absence of disease or treat any existing condition, check that […]

Diet of the pet rabbit

Innately, the rabbit adopts good eating habits. He is attracted by the hay and eat a lot of it. However, many owners introduce their rabbits foods to too rich  : granules or worse: all you cab eat of seeds. Rabbits are therefore developing a taste for sugar and fat they do not naturally have. It […]

The old rabbit

The average life expectation for rabbits is 7 to 10 years, but it is not unusual for them to get older. We can talk about geriatry from 4 years old. Old rabbits frequently suffer from spondylosis. Pain and reluctance to move are the dominant signs that may accompany perineal stains and laminitis. The treatment is […]

Ferrets (Mustela putorius furo)

Ferrets are domestic carnivores of the weasel family, their original wild species is the skunk. As such it is subject to the same law as dogs and cats: health visits after bite, rabies vaccination and passport. A wandering ferret must be entrusted to a pound and not a care center for wildlife. His identification is […]