Vaccinate your cat!

Vaccinate your cat!

Vaccination is aimed at protecting an animal against disease most often from viral or bacterial origin. This is the best way to fight against infectious diseases, recognized and applied universally, both in human and veterinary medicine. Through routine immunization programs, we can hope to eradicate certain diseases as was smallpox in humans in 1981.How often […]

Coryza: cat virus

Coryza, also called infectious coryza of the cat, is an infectious, contagious viral illness, clinically characterized by rhinitis, conjunctivitis and glossitis. This is a common condition caused by three different viruses involving several symptoms: Feline herpes virus or feline rhinotracheitis virus; Calicivirus; Reovirus. These three viruses are easily transmitted through contact with infected cats or […]

IVF: cat virus

Transmission occurs primarily while fighting, through bite. Also, kittens can also be infected by their mothers through breast milk or saliva. Overall, FIV symptoms are those of a diminished capacity of the immune system Fever, increase in size of lymph nodes; Cutaneous and digestive affection by infections; Finally, affection by multiple viral and bacterial diseases […]

Typhus: cat virus

Typhus, also called feline anleucopénie p, is a viral disease that affects wild and domestic cats. This disease is transmitted through a virus of the parvovirus family, strong enough in the environment, excreted in the feces of sick animals. Symptoms can appear quickly: Hyperacute form: after a high fever, the animal suddenly drops in temperature […]