Vaccinate your cat!
Vaccination is aimed at protecting an animal against disease most often from viral or bacterial origin. This is the best way to fight against infectious diseases, recognized and applied universally, both in human and veterinary medicine. Through routine immunization programs, we can hope to eradicate certain diseases as was smallpox in humans in 1981.How often to vaccinate?
Vaccination stimulates the immune system of the body. It induces an immune response that will allow your pet to respond quickly and effectively to subsequent contact with the pathogen ( disease causing ) and thus prevent him from being sick .

How does it works ?
The first year is called priming. This is actually the first part of the immunization protocol. It may consist of one or more injections, depending on the nature of the vaccine and on the age of the animal. In general , the series starts at the age of 8 weeks .
Then, it is imperative to conduct regular booster vaccinations to maintain the protection obtained. Most often, the recall is comprised of a single vaccine injection. However, this may vary depending on the epidemiological context and law in force. Your vet is only able to indicate the vaccination protocol best suited to your pet.

To facilitate the monitoring of your pet by your veterinarian, do not forget to bring your health passport at everything visit at your veterinarian.

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